System Tune-Up, Audio System Maintenance, PA System Repairs and Installation, PA Maintenance, PA Optimization
Regular maintenance of your audio installation is essential to ensure the public address system is functioning properly.

Are you getting the best out of your current P.A. installation? Over time, as different operators use the system, settings are changed and the overall sound suffers. Cables break, connections fail and the system generally does not perform to the best of it's ability. Whether you have a PA System in your performance venue, school hall or announcement and paging system in a shopping mall or office block, Squirrel Sound can tune-up your system and help you make the most of your audio equipment.

Set up audio processing equipment correctly with proper gain structure and settings to ensure the PA system is 'tuned' to the room.

Repair crackling or broken cables and connections, replace microphone/audio lead plugs, check speaker and processing equipment cabling.

Diagnose more major problems such as broken and malfunctioning equipment and install replacement units chosen by the client. Examples include new amplifiers & processing equipment.

Clients who benefit from our P.A. system maintenance and tune-up services include schools, churches, performance venues, community halls, shopping malls, cafes, pubs and clubs to name a few.

Please note: Squirrel Sound only services commercial audio installations, we do not service residential, home theatre or hi-fi installations.

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PA System Maintenance, System Tune-Up, Audio System Repairs, Public Address System Repairs, Public Address System Installation

Audio Visual Maintenance, PA Install, PA Maintenance, Paging System Repairs, Audio System Tune-up, Audio Repairs


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